Bonding is an effective technique for masking small irregularities on teeth. It is a relatively inexpensive option compared to porcelain veneers * though it is not usually as long lasting. Regular maintenance is recommended for bonded teeth as rough areas and chips may appear which can affect the appearance of the tooth and may lead to the restoration cracking and potentially failing. However, regular maintenance can ensure that rough areas are smoothed and shaped before they compromise the restoration.


In order to undertake an aesthetic bonding technique, the tooth surface is first etched with an acidic gel, then a bonding liquid is applied which sets with a special light. Then a resin putty can be applied on top and the light is again used to set it. Once the resin is set into a solid structure, it can be shaped and polished.

Tooth Jewellery

If you would like your smile brightened up with a gem or a tooth jewel, our dentists can help you with it. Please ask us about tooth jewellery if you feel this is something you would like. We do not recommend a certain brand or design - we will ask you to choose your own and bring it in for us.

We do not need to remove any tooth structure or drill into your tooth to attach the gem. Instead they will be attached via a bonding process (similar to how orthodontic brackets are attached for braces).

It will not be painful or uncomfortable, however, for a few days you will be aware of the feeling of the gem on your tooth and against your lips depending on the position of placement.


If your teeth have any chipping, discolouration or are slightly misshapen or misaligned and you are in search of the ‘perfect Hollywood smile’ then porcelain veneers may be an option for you to consider. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are chemically bonded to your tooth. They are more conservative in design than crowns and can be used on strong, healthy teeth to improve their appearance and mask any aesthetic issues.

If you are not happy with your smile and would like to consider getting some porcelain veneers please mention this to your dentist. It is possible to get a range of colours and shapes with veneers so please be clear with us exactly what your expectations are and what concerns you most about your smile.

Two to three appointments would be required to prepare the teeth and fit the veneers. If you are unhappy with the colour or shape of the veneers at any time during this process, please discuss your concerns with us straight away so that we can resend them to the lab and attempt to get you closer to the smile you desire. Please be aware that once the veneer is cemented on to the tooth, it is very difficult to adjust the colour and shape.


Do you have crowded or misaligned teeth? Are you interested in getting them straightened but worried about uncomfortable metal braces? Then the answer for you could be Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear, virtually invisible orthodontic aligner system that utilises a number of plastic trays to straighten your teeth and improve your bite. The teeth are moved gradually, with a new set of trays used every fortnight, until your smile is exactly how you like it. The plastic trays are more comfortable to use than traditional braces and can, and should, be worn most of the day. The should only be taken out when eating and drinking. As the trays are almost invisible, most people won’t even realise that you are getting your teeth straightened orthodontically. However, if there is a special occasion where you do not want to even have the plastic trays in your mouth for a few hours, then they can simply be removed and placed safely in a container until you are ready to put them back in.

The removable aligners help you maintain optimal oral health as your oral hygiene routine is not affected by the aligners at all. Further, you can eat and drink as normal without being hindered by braces.

If you have crowded or misaligned teeth, come in for a consult so that we can advice you on whether you would be a suitable candidate for Invisalign. If you are, we can provide you with a guide of what treatment can do to improve your smile and give you more information about Invisalign, if you are not a suitable candidate, we can discuss other treatment options that are available to you, such as traditional metal braces.

Tooth whitening

Everyone wants a bright white smile. Not only does it boost our own confidence levels but it also influences the way other people think about us. Studies have shown that people with straight white teeth are perceived by others as being more successful and smarter.

We can help you achieve a bright white smile with a range of tooth whitening options. Tooth whitening is when a bleaching agent is used to lighten the colour of your teeth. Factors that influence the colour of your teeth include lifestyle related surface stains (smoking, coffee, red wine), age, poor oral hygiene, medicines (tetracycline etc), dental problems (tooth decay, insufficient enamel, calculus, old/discoloured fillings), and excessive fluoride.

Whitening works best on tooth discolouration due to surface stains or age. If you are interested in whitening, discuss this with us and we will go over your medical and dental history in an attempt to determine the reason for your tooth discolouration and the best method to attempt to whiten your teeth. If you are suffering from any tooth decay or gum disease, we will advice that this be treated prior to whitening being attempted.

Whitening treatment will usually last from one to three years depending on your teeth and lifestyle factors. It can then be touched up as required.

    • In chair (with light)
      A high intensity light is placed on the bleaching gel applied to your teeth in chair. This professional whitening treatment will take about one hour and we may need to do a further session in the future to get to your ideal preferred shade.
    • Take home kit
      For a take home kit, we take a mould of your teeth and make a custom tray in the lab. We will then give you tubes of bleaching gel and instructions so that you can use the gel and tray at home at your convenience to whiten your teeth.
    • Internal bleaching
      Internal bleaching is a procedure we undertake for previously root treated teeth that have turned dark or discoloured from the inside. Firstly we will drill a small hole into the back of the tooth and remove some filling material from inside the canal space. Then we will insert the bleaching product and close the hole with a temporary filling. You will be asked to return in a week to get the internal bleaching agent removed. The procedure may need to be repeated to get to your desired tooth shade. Once complete, the agent is removed and a permanent filling is used to seal the tooth up again.Over the counter whitening kits are often cheaper than professional bleaching, but please be advice that many of them contain acids that can dissolve your tooth structure. Unsupervised long term use of such kits may cause permanent and irreversible damage to your teeth. Please see us if you notice any side effects from over the counter whitening products and please ensure you follow the manufacturers instructions. According to the Australian Dental Association, dentists are the only people qualified to make an accurate assessment of your teeth and gums and determine your need and eligibility for whitening treatment. Your gentle and friendly dentist will be able to tailor make your whitening treatment to suit your needs - for example, if you have very sensitive teeth we may recommend a more gentle formation or a specific type of whitening that is likely to reduce the sensitivity that may be associated with normal whitening products.