Depending on the depth of the crack or chip on your tooth, you may feel nothing at all or you may feel some sharp and erratic pain on chewing or after release of biting pressure. If you find your tooth is extremely painful when chewing on grainy foods such as wholegrain bread, then a crack maybe the culprit. You may also notice that there is pain or discomfort on a particular tooth when there are temperature changes in your mouth or when your teeth are exposed to sweet foods.

If the crack extends below the gum, you may also get a pocket of gum disease down the cracked surface. If the crack is very superficial and is causing no pain but you are not happy with the appearance, we can do a bonded restoration or hide the crack in other ways. If the crack is deeper and causing discomfort we may need to treat the tooth straight away. Please contact us if you think you are suffering from a cracked tooth so that the friendly team at Be Pain Free Dentistry can advice you on the ideal treatment for your tooth.