If your denture is no longer comfortable in your mouth, bring it in to us and we may be able to repair or adjust it to make it more comfortable for you. If your denture is too tight or too lose, or if its broken or has missing teeth, then it may be in need of some adjustment or repair.

Some small repairs can be done in the chair while you wait, but bigger repairs will need to be sent to a laboratory. We will send it through straight away and will do our best to get your teeth back to you as fast as we possibly can.

If your dentures are a few years old, or if there has been recent changes to your mouth or teeth either from worn teeth or changes in your gums or jaw bone, you may find that your dentures are uncomfortable and may feel loose. When you come for your regular check ups, we encourage you to bring your dentures with you so that we can help identify any early problems. In some cases a reline or a completely new denture may be required to maximise your comfort.