At Be Pain Free Dentistry, we know the best way to prevent pain and suffering caused by an unhealthy mouth and teeth is to provide regular check ups for our patients.

We encourage all our patients to visit us every six months for a thorough examination by offering a gap free check up and clean service. So if you are part of a private health fund, you will pay nothing out of pocket for your six monthly dental visit for a check up and clean. This will include the scaling to remove any calculus as well as a polish and fluoride to make your teeth healthy and strong. We will also take X-rays as required to identify and eliminate any early problems that may be present in your teeth and dental bone.

We dislike using the drill as much as you dislike having it used on you, so even if you aren’t having any apparent dental problems, we would still encourage you to visit us regularly so that we can ensure your gums and teeth are at the healthiest possible.

As part of your regular check up and clean, we will look for any signs of early tooth decay and gum disease and will monitor your bone levels using X-rays and other clinical methods. We will also remove any hard (calculus) and soft (plaque) deposits and remove any visible stains.