Every year thousands of people are treated for sport related dental injuries that could have been entirely avoided or at least minimised by the use of a custom fitted mouthguard.

The Australian Dental Association strongly recommends investing in a custom-fitted mouthguard (such as the ones we can make for you) because the cost of injury to your teeth or jaw far exceeds the cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard.

A custom-fitted mouthguard is not only often more comfortable than a store bought one, but it will also help absorb and spread the impact of a blow to your face. A store bought mouthguard on the other hand, may actually do more harm than good, as it is not a snug fit around your teeth and may lead to an increased incidence of injury to the teeth, jaws and soft tissues of the mouth.

Any activity or sport that may result in contact and damage to the face, jaws, or teeth will require the use of a mouthguard. Some such activities include hockey, netball, baseball, basketball, boxing, skate boarding, skiing, NRL, AFL, and water polo.

Reasons to ear a mouthguard when playing sport:

  1. Cushions teeth against impact.
  2. Protects against jaw joint injuries.
  3. Protects against soft tissue injuries.
  4. Helps prevent neck and jaw injuries.
  5. May help reduce concussion.