Dentures can be used to replace missing teeth so that normal chewing, speech and appearance can be maintained. Dentures can be made of either metal or acrylic and there are advantages and disadvantages of both materials. If you are missing teeth and are interested in getting dentures, discuss this with your friendly dentist at Be Pain Free and we will look at your individual situation and recommend the type of denture that will be most suited to your needs.

New dentures will take some time to get used to and can feel tight, uncomfortable or bulky until your mouth adjusts to them. You may also notice that you have an increased amount of saliva in your mouth and may find speaking is different. Getting new dentures are like getting a new pair of shoes and they will take some time to get used to before they will feel completely comfortable.

It will take a minimum of 3-4 visits and at least a month to get a denture made. At Be Pain Free we take our time to make your denture and check it in your mouth at multiple times during the construction process so that we can ensure your dentures are completely comfortable for you.

In some special situation we may recommend that you get an ‘immediate’ denture if you have a planned tooth extraction, especially of a front tooth, but in this situation we will discuss the details with you during the treatment planning stage.

With time all dentures become loose as your gum and bone structure changes. If your dentures are loose or uncomfortable, please do not adjust them at home, and bring them to us instead. In some cases the denture can be adjusted at the chair side while you wait and will only take a few minutes, but in other cases, we may need to take further impressions of your mouth and send your denture back to the lab for adjustment which may take some time.

Dentures need to be cleaned after every meal. We recommend you brush your denture every night with a soft brush and mild denture cleaning solution over a basin of water or a towel (to prevent the denture from being damaged if it falls from your hands during cleaning). Ensure all debris has been cleaned and the denture is completely clean and spotless.

If your denture is chipped, damaged or broken please call us so that we can fix it for you, do not attempt to repair it at home as you may damage it further and make it impossible to repair.