If you are experiencing any facial swelling (with or without pain) call us immediate and discuss the situation with us. If you can’t contact a dentist, it may be ideal to contact your local emergency department.

Swellings usually develop after some form of injury or trauma to your face. It could be from a sporting injury, a cut, a bite or sting or a dental abscess. In some situations, there may be no known cause of the facial swelling. There will be a localised area of redness, swelling, heat and sometimes pain. There may be associated symptoms such as a fever or throbbing pain.

If the cause of the swelling is an infected tooth, then the tooth will need to be removed in order to allow the swelling to resolve. Swelling is a serious situation and may lead to a compromised airway (especially if the cause is a lower back tooth). If there is no breathing or swallowing difficulty associated with your facial swelling, please call us and come in as soon as possible as we need to identify the cause of the problem and remove it as soon as we can so that your body can proceed to heal and repair itself.

If you have any breathing or swallowing difficulties associated with your facial swelling, please go straight to your local emergency department.