If a tooth is broken, chipped or weakened by the presence of a large filling, then the strength of the tooth and its longevity might be increased by the use of a crown. A crown is basically like a helmet that fits over the tooth and helps it to withstand the large forces that are placed on it during function and chewing.

A bridge is an artificial structure that is placed over two of your natural teeth to replace a missing tooth in the middle.

For both crowns and bridges, you will need at least two appointments, as we need to prepare your tooth and take impressions of them. Then the impressions are sent off to the lab so that the crown or bridge can be constructed. In the mean time we will put a temporary crown or bridge onto your teeth to protect it. When the crown or bridge is sent back to us from the lab, we can then fit it onto your prepared tooth and bond it on with a cementing agent.

Your gentle Be Pain Free dentist will show you how to best clean your crown or bridge to ensure that you get many years of use from them. Once fitted, the crown or bridge should feel completely comfortable and natural in your mouth and can last for many years to come as long as your mouth is completely healthy and your oral hygiene is adequate.

There are some possible complications that may arise during this procedure including tooth breakage during preparation, infection of the pulp or gums, pain or discomfort, an altered feeling or allergic reactions. However these are unlikely to occur and if we feel you are at high risk of any of these complications we will discuss this with you. There may be some tenderness in the area due to the preparation but this should not last more than a few days. If it does, please let us know so that we can help you. If the size of the tooth has been altered even slightly during the preparation and cementing of your crown or bridge, then the way you bite may change and this may lead to discomfort or pain. If you notice this, please let us know so that we can recheck your bite and adjust it if required.